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GIST 전자결재시스템은 문서의 기안, 결재, 접수, 공람등 문서의 모든 처리절차가 전자적으로 처리되는 시스템을 말합니다.

(The groupware system is designed to process all administrative activities online.)
GIST groupware system is designed to reach a decision electronically of all executive tasks, including draft, and approval. (or draft, approval, registration and sharing)

URL http://gw.gist.ac.kr
For Whom 교직원 (행정 문서처리를 행하는 구성원)

GIST members (who deal with administrative service)

ID 사번(employee number)
ID 부여기준 인사발령 후 신청(apply after personnel appointment)

1. 패스워드는 9자리 이상 영문과 숫자, 특수문자 조합

2. Portal과 관계없이 직접 연결도 가능합니다.

1. Password should be 9 or more characters and include at least one number, letter, and special character (!,?,$, etc.)

2. Without Portal, Direct connection is possible.

CONTACT 이 영 숙(Lee, Young Sook), T.2075, E-mail : yslee@gist.ac.kr
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