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IP Address & Domain

IP Address & Domain

원내 전산망에 연결하고자 하는 경우 IP address가 필요합니다.
IP address는 중복사용이 불가능하며, 필요시 반드시 정보운영팀에 신청하여 등록된 번호를 이용하여야 합니다.

In order to access the internet at GIST, you should obtain an IP address first. Note that using duplicate IP causes a crash.
If needed, please contact the IT team immediately.

IP 신청방법 (IP Application)

신청 다음날 E-MAIL로 통보

You will be notified of your IP the following morning (10 AM) via email.

Gateway & DNS Setup

- Gateway : x.x.x.254

- DNS :

- Secondary DNS :

NS 등록 신청방법 (NS Registration)

신청 다음날 등록 조치

Registration will be completed the following day.

Host name : Computer name (English only , No special characters)

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